The Manual

The Best Practices Manual for Development in Coastal Louisiana is a timely, informative, easy-to-use resource that explains and illustrates the latest available international, national and local best practices in coastal development and recommends relevant strategies at the Community Scale as well as Site and Building Scale to assist communities in their efforts to preserve their way of life.

Getting started
To find out which strategies are relevant to your area of interest, follow these steps:

  1. Find your Geotype in the Geotype tab. Refer to the map to determine the Geotype that corresponds with your geographical area of interest.
  2. Explore the recommended strategies and best practices by clicking on the Geotype name below the map.
  3. The designated page for each Geotype provides links to the strategies that are essential, encouraged and optional for your region.

Alternatively, you can find out which strategies are recommended based on Community Scale or Site and Building Scale by visiting the Strategies and Best Practices tab above.

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